Tuesday, June 14, 2016

One plus 3 full confirmed specs would be sold @27,999

Hi guys so today the oneplus 3 would be relased and by the time you are reading this it would have be released already. You’ll be able to watch the one plus 3 live event with or without the VR headset. As there were many leaks going on the social media and amazon india about  the phone this is everything i know about the phone. Live event starts @10 pm Indian standard time and (12:30pm EDT) .

one plus 3

For the first time the one plus Smartphone would be available to buy Without an invite and available to buy right after the event. “Everyone is Welcome” as said by the company.
The link to the live event will be added up on the blog keep refreshing, im gonna live blog today.
Links to the one plus 3 mobile will be added as soon as it goes live, so make sure you are following this blog.

Getting directly into specs

  1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
  2. fingerprint scanner which is said to unlock the handset in 0.2 seconds
  3. 6GB of RAM
  4. 64GB of inbuilt storage
  5. 16-megapixel rear camera
  6.  8-megapixel front camera.
  7. Full metal body construction

Would be available to buy official from Amazon tonight @12:30 IST.

watch the full review 

Friday, June 10, 2016

How to change font on your one plus devices

Back again with another post for you guys, today we'll learn how to change fonts nice and easy! This method can be used on any Android Smartphone so make sure you share it with your friends those who ask or need instructions!

change font on your one plus devices

Why you must change your font?

If you are a geek, nerd, sometimes you get bored of the system font. And we as a user always want some change (that's why we choose Android, I mean we can change anything we want guess what Android versions also keep changing frequently to get better than the older version every year). Already android N is around the corner.

Steps involved in changing fonts

  1. You must be rooted (to grant superuser permissions, with root you get administrative rights for your device)
  2. Install ifont app from play store
  3. Don't sleep, be alert
  4. If you have xposed installer installed you just can also install the module directly.

Why ifont?

     Ifont has a huge number of collection of fonts and you can also install your custom fonts if you'd like to. User interface is good and follows material design. You can even restore your font back to normal if you don’t like the font. If you are an artist or like creating fonts you can install your own fonts also from this app.

Warning: - always keep a backup of your font, in case you messed up you can resort the font and revert back easily. Before we start make sure everything is set.

How to take backup of your current font?

In ifont app you get an option baked in the app itself, open your ifont app, then swipe or hover over the tab “MY” and then you’ll see an option which says factory font. Tap on it to restore to your font back.
change font on your one plus devices

How to change font

Recommended font, here we are installing rosemary font.
  •          Firstly, install ifont app from play store and open it, grant it superuser permissions.
  •          Then select a font you want to install on your one plus device.
  •          For instance, here we take rosemary font. Use the search bar and download the font.
  •     Then apply and let the app do its magic. Reboot and your font shall be applied.

    Let me know what types of font you installed and are using in your Smartphone and if you have already tried changing your font before when did you changed, like i first changed my font on my xperia x8 device in 2013. Personally only fonts i like were chococooky and rosemary.

Till then be happy and spread the joy!

Thank you for reading you guys have a great day.

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