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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

One plus 3 full confirmed specs would be sold @27,999

Hi guys so today the oneplus 3 would be relased and by the time you are reading this it would have be released already. You’ll be able to watch the one plus 3 live event with or without the VR headset. As there were many leaks going on the social media and amazon india about  the phone this is everything i know about the phone. Live event starts @10 pm Indian standard time and (12:30pm EDT) .

one plus 3

For the first time the one plus Smartphone would be available to buy Without an invite and available to buy right after the event. “Everyone is Welcome” as said by the company.
The link to the live event will be added up on the blog keep refreshing, im gonna live blog today.
Links to the one plus 3 mobile will be added as soon as it goes live, so make sure you are following this blog.

Getting directly into specs

  1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
  2. fingerprint scanner which is said to unlock the handset in 0.2 seconds
  3. 6GB of RAM
  4. 64GB of inbuilt storage
  5. 16-megapixel rear camera
  6.  8-megapixel front camera.
  7. Full metal body construction

Would be available to buy official from Amazon tonight @12:30 IST.

watch the full review 

Friday, June 10, 2016

How to change font on your one plus devices

Back again with another post for you guys, today we'll learn how to change fonts nice and easy! This method can be used on any Android Smartphone so make sure you share it with your friends those who ask or need instructions!

change font on your one plus devices

Why you must change your font?

If you are a geek, nerd, sometimes you get bored of the system font. And we as a user always want some change (that's why we choose Android, I mean we can change anything we want guess what Android versions also keep changing frequently to get better than the older version every year). Already android N is around the corner.

Steps involved in changing fonts

  1. You must be rooted (to grant superuser permissions, with root you get administrative rights for your device)
  2. Install ifont app from play store
  3. Don't sleep, be alert
  4. If you have xposed installer installed you just can also install the module directly.

Why ifont?

     Ifont has a huge number of collection of fonts and you can also install your custom fonts if you'd like to. User interface is good and follows material design. You can even restore your font back to normal if you don’t like the font. If you are an artist or like creating fonts you can install your own fonts also from this app.

Warning: - always keep a backup of your font, in case you messed up you can resort the font and revert back easily. Before we start make sure everything is set.

How to take backup of your current font?

In ifont app you get an option baked in the app itself, open your ifont app, then swipe or hover over the tab “MY” and then you’ll see an option which says factory font. Tap on it to restore to your font back.
change font on your one plus devices

How to change font

Recommended font, here we are installing rosemary font.
  •          Firstly, install ifont app from play store and open it, grant it superuser permissions.
  •          Then select a font you want to install on your one plus device.
  •          For instance, here we take rosemary font. Use the search bar and download the font.
  •     Then apply and let the app do its magic. Reboot and your font shall be applied.

    Let me know what types of font you installed and are using in your Smartphone and if you have already tried changing your font before when did you changed, like i first changed my font on my xperia x8 device in 2013. Personally only fonts i like were chococooky and rosemary.

Till then be happy and spread the joy!

Thank you for reading you guys have a great day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to change DPI on one plus Devices (Works on any android device)

DPI ---> dots per inch or also known as pixels per inch.

This tutorial is for One plus one device but will work for any android device which has root access, the only thing you’ll have to make sure is not lower or higher your DPI. Just experiment above and below 20-50 values and check after reboot.

  •         Before doing anything further make sure your device is rooted which is necessary because you won’t be able to change DPI unless you get root permissions!
  •       If you are already rooted you know the drill, your warranty is void now and you take own responsibility for any kind of mistakes you are making.

In this tutorial I will be providing two methods:- Read both carefully and use accordingly.

By default one plus one ships with 480 DPI which is good but if you want more information on the same screen you can do by editing the build.Prop text file from your system or if you don't like messing manually there's an app which does exactly the same you just have put numbers in it and voilà your DPI gets changed after a reboot.

Method no. 1

·         This DPI changer app is very user friendly and optimized with material design, does not require and kind of knowledge and It’s FREE what else do we want.

  • One installed open app. It's very simple app just input the DPI you'd like to change.
  • For one plus one don't go before 380 and above 500 this is what I recommend.
  • For instance I like the DPI of 400 which brings 5*5 rows and columns. Input 400 in the following manner and also tap on build.Prop just to be sure.
  • Now reboot and you're chances will be applied.
  • Now if you want to revert just input the value 480 DPI again and reboot you're back to stock DPI which came out of box with the one plus one.

since if you are not able to change DPI by this method, then the traditional method is the only solution watchout for method no.2

Method No.2

This is also easy but not as easy as above, over here you have to find the exact code and edit the value in it.

·         First of all install any type of your favorite file manager which provides root access. I prefer ES File manager as it is simple and does many things including file sharing over network, editing, music and video playback. So that I don’t have to install any other app.

 In case you don’t know how to give root access to Es file explorer, swipe right or from the
hamburger menu and tap on tools, you’ll get a drop down menu turn on root explorer over there and
you’ll get prompt from super SU for root access.
·         Open Es file explorer and go into your root folder. (Root folder is main directory of your device storage which is indicated as “/” )
·         Navigate to a folder called “System” in the root directory.
·         Now open Build.Prop and open with the inbuilt note editor.
·         Look carefully and find the code “ro.sf.lcd_density=480” I changed the value to “400
·         Save the file and reboot your device.

Hope you like it. Let me know which method you used and leave your feedback.  

Glad I've helped!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

How To Root One plus Devices Without PC (Works for any android devices 6.0.1, 5.1.1, 5.0, 4.4, 4.3)

     If you don’t know anything about how to root and you want to learn, without losing your data and neither have you wanted your device to be dead? But these types of tutorial are a risk to try but if you do everything according to the specified steps then you can successfully Root and Also install custom rom or kernel if you want. I also want to write a post on about how to install a custom ROM and kernel you can find in the website, so stay tuned make sure you subscribe and relax.

     So you are reading this means you definitely want to get this stuff done. Let’s begin
You don’t have to mess up with the adb nor fastboot commands. There are many ways to root your one plus device. In this tutorial I will teach you how to root a device without PC.

     First of all the easiest method to root without a computer/ PC is by installing a app called KingoRoot. There are many apps nowadays which provide one step root access like kingroot, RootMaster. These app provide one click root for your smartphone!
     For this guide I've used one plus 2 64gb variant. But you can use this tutorial with almost any other android smartphone

Enable unknown sources

Go to your settings----> press on security -----> enable unknown sources.

How to root:-

  • Install kingoroot app and open (in case you see any pop click install anyway and proceed the installation)
  • You'll be greeted with the screen where you just have to touch root and rest will be done by the application.
  • Don't worry if it's taking time relax and go out for a walk (Remember panicking will only make it worst, and there's no way your phone gonna end up in trouble!) Let it do its thing and reboot.
Once you are rooted install root checker app from play store to check whether go have gained root access or not!

Install root checker and check whether you are successful or not!

  • Install super su and gain it kingoroot permissions once super SU gets root access you can now uninstall kingoroot and use SuperSU for root access depends on you you can also you kingoroot app. 

     You can always unroot your device whenever you want to. Just go into SuperSU app's options and search for an option which says permanently unroot/ Full unroot.

Thank you for reading make sure you share with your friends those who are looking to root for the first time.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One plus x Gets a Price cut in India, But is it Worth it?

     Hello guys back again with another post, recently one plus x Onyx version gets a price cut of Rs 2,000 which is now available for 14,999 instead of Rs 16,999 on Amazon India. Honestly, it’s the best smartphone you can buy under Rs 15,000 (After Redmi Note 3) moreover, this post will be a slight comparison against the Redmi note 3.

one plus x price cut

     One Plus X isn’t a phone for everybody I mean it’s for somebody who wants a powerful yet compact And Stylish phone, you’ll not see any glass body construction phone in this range. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass on Both Sides which makes the phone more Premium unlike others in this Price bracket. With the one plus x 5” inch FHD AMOLED screen you can easily cover all the corners of the phone without any difficulties. Amoled screen means it’ll save up that extra juice (Battery) by not emitting black color. For that oneplus specifically added an option to revert the color to material black style in the setting menu so that the phone can get its advantage.
     According to the User-interface of phone it comes with OxygenOS supported out of the box which has some customization's on top of stock android which is good for an operating system unlike other smartphone manufactures

Also read: Recently one plus 2 got its update to marshmallow 

     Good thing is that the company also delivers software updates “better late than never”.
Storage wise the one plus x comes with 16GB of internal storage but comes with an memory expansion slot up to 128 GB which also Doubles as an dual Sim Support. With marshmallow (Update will come eventually) providing Native support to SD CARD, we can switch that external memory as an internal Storage (if you have 32 GB SD CARD you can use that as an internal storage now which means your storage is now 16+32= 48GB space)

     Extra space is always handy. Since the company doesn’t have an invite system now, you are free to buy the device and get it actually, One plus will soon announce its next Flagship- ONEPLUS3 . At the end of the day it’s your decision to buy or to settle with something else.  Best phone under Rs 15,000 would be Redmi note 3 (32GB) but due to their registrations and flash sales, this is a great option to buy now.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my blog posts, if you like it please subscribe and share it with your friends, till then bye..


Thursday, March 31, 2016

One plus 2 Oxygen 3.0 To Marshmallow Update

Better late than never, one plus released their official version of android marshmallow for one plus 2 devices and everything looks quite overwhelming

Here's what new in this build?

checkout full video

1) New camera UI—looks cleaner and refreshing and a new boot animation
2) Now you get a new wallpaper picker where in you can change both home screen as well as lock screen wallpaper
3) System performance improved about 47% than Oxygen OS 2.2.1

checkout benchmark after latest update to android marshmallow 

one plus 2 benchmark update

4) Also there’s drastically change in the finger print. It’s a lot faster than it was ever before. One plus states that its 45% more faster than its previous version
5) With android m, you get the support of native app permissions. Whenever you install an app from play store it’ll be directly installed and whenever you open a particular app it’ll ask the permission then to access your stuff.
6) With android m you also get the latest march Security patches.
7) emoji's and google now on tap

one plus 2 marshmallow update

Don’t miss- Here's what's fuss out about 7th April(one plus 3?)

Overall it Is a good improvement over the last version of android. I would recommend everyone to upgrade your smartphone to the latest version of android if you are die-hard one plus fan boy/girl.

Check out more about it over here:

You can download the official android Marshmallow Update from here:

  • Dirty flash this update only if you’d have the one plus Oxygen recovery and OxygenOS 2.2.0 or higher.

Dirty flashing? 

This means that flashing any particular update without wiping data or factory resetting. If suppose you are using cyanogenOS and you want to try oxygen-OS. You need to factory reset or wipe data so that you don’t get unusual boot loops or any kind of errors. Always it s good to clean install a new os OR its worth waiting for OTA updates if you care to much about your data or keep backups.

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Here's what's fuss out about 7th April(one plus 3?)

Directly getting to the point no one plus 3 gonna release. It's said that 7th April is just gonna be focused on the China market. We still don't know what may be happening in that event but stay tuned for that.

One plus 3 rumors

Carl Pei, CO founder of one plus unveiled the OnePlus 3 will arrive toward the end of Q2, 2016 and will feature “a new design”
Here's a glimpse of leak

According to the rumors, the one plus 3 model no:- A3000 would feature a 5.5 inch screen with 1920*1080 fHD resolution. Snapdragon 820 SOC, 16 megapixel rear camera and 8 mp front camera for crystal clear selfies. Adreno 530 GPU for gaming and 4 GB RAM. Device is supposed to be runninga Android 6.0.1 with oxygen OS on top of it.

One plus 3 rumors

Let me know what are you guys expecting from one plus this time.

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